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Wolfstar is a small, muscular, slim, thick-furred, bright white she-cat, with thick fur on her paws, a black nose, tufted ears, and bright blue eyes. Her claws have been reinforced with smooth, polished, shiny wolf teeth, which are as sharp as a badger's tooth. She has teeth that are so strong, that they can crush a cat's skull with one bite. She can change the weight of her paws, so they can be heavy enough to knock down a tree, or lightweight and fast so she can claw an enemy at the speed of light. She has a large, plumy, fluffy tail. She is incredibly agile, and she can never get hurt in battle, and she can never die, unless she wanted to. She can run and move 100mph, and she can summon things, like prey. After every hunt, she comes back to her clan camp with ten fat rabbits, even in leaf-bare. She has been rumoured to have wings, but she doesn't! :D